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Furniture Restoration Products & Supplies

An amazing collection of refinished furniture – from painted furniture to stained furniture to repurposed furniture to everything in between. If the piece isn’t constructed from high-quality materials, then you may choose to paint it to make it look better. If the piece will be used in a high-traffic area, it may be more resistant to damage with a stain and sealant than with paint. If the piece is an antique, you may not want to paint over it so it can retain its authenticity. Dispose of the leftover chemical products safely by first checking with your local waste disposal company.

how to refinish a table

From a small side table near an entryway to the most elaborate of family rooms, the furniture we use to decorate our living and workspaces speaks to a style that is unique. At Wehrli Furniture Co., we create furniture that fits your style. We believe that great design is an exercise in creative problem solving.

Why Choose Classic Furniture Services

Occasionally, heat guns can also be used for stripping and are sometimes helpful with the removal of a stubborn finish. Paint spatters are common on old furniture, and most of the time you can remove them easily without damaging the finish. Here’s a trick we learned to turn an ordinary straightedge razor into a delicate paint scraper. First, wrap a layer of masking tape around each end of the blade, and then bend the blade slightly so it’s curved.

How To Restore Finish On Vintage Furniture

Whether you’re looking for repair, refinishing, new construction, or furniture upholstery – Custom Furniture Refinishing is here to help. At the core of our furniture asset management solution is our environmentally safe, on-site furniture refinishing process. Our recent projects show our commitment to quality in each piece of furniture we work on. Swing by our furniture repair shop today to find out more about our antique inventory. Count on us to bring the faded wood back to life with superb refinishing service.

If you aren’t sure of a piece’s value, consult an antiques expert before starting a refinishing project. If a piece is painted, there’s usually a reason for it. Owners paint over pieces when they are trying to cover up dents, stains and other imperfections. You might be getting more than you bargained for with a painted wood piece.



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