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Professional Leather Stropping Kit

The Prepared helps you get ready for emergencies without wasting time, money, or sanity. This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The only downside is that I wish a small case or at least a ziplock bag was provided to keep the strop and compound on it safe in storage. It’s just a touch too big for a gallon zip locks to be used. And with each layer using the same material, these are 100% carbon fiber in construction.

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Since you are working with sharp knives, there are a few precautions you need to take while stropping your knives with a belt. Performing this maintenance task recklessly can lead to a bad cut or worse, depending on how sharp your knives are and what damage is done when you lose control. Even if you don’t have a belt available to turn into a strop, the tools above give you a few alternative methods to get the job done. These are also good backup options if you have discovered all your belts are unsuitable for stropping due to design aspects of the belt or lack of genuine leather belts.

Mountain Mike Latigo Strop Hanger

You’d be surprised at how many of your “leather” belts are actually faux leather. Use the sandpaper in a circular motion across the grain side of the leather strop, just enough to roughen the surface of it. Keep in mind that using a belt as a knife strop can cause damage to the surface of the belt if it is used as a strop over time.

If you only buy one compound, make it this simple but quality black bar that will last forever. We’ve used a variety of strops in our knife career and recommend the $30 Taytools 10” x 3” French Leather Paddle Strop as the best choice on the market for most people — including beginners. It’s far cheaper than some smaller, less-capable strops from other makers.

Knives Plus ® Strop Block, Leather Sharpening Strop, Kp

This is one of those cases where the proper tool will save you more time and trouble than you can imagine. Sharpeners of straight razors for instance often prefer using a smooth leather strop with no compound applied. The leather polishes the metal and removes any burr from the edge, leaving it crisp and sharp.

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On one end of the strop is a hook and on the other a generously sized handle. Attach a sturdy anchor point like an eye bolt to a wall or counter, hang the strop by the hook from your anchor point and then grab the handle to pull it taut when using. Make the notch – This is an optional step, as you can glue the leather directly to the backer board. But I wanted the piece to feel a bit more finished so I notched out the thickness of the leather from the board with a crosscut sled and stops on each side. Another method is to clean your strop with saddle soap and a soft bristle brush or sponge. After scrubbing the leather clean, wipe off the excess and let dry.

The self adhesive pads for the glass were a nice touch to stop the strop from slipping. I tried it on my very old but cherished Gerber hunting knife after I sharpened it on my Arkansas stone. After watching Ryky use it I very carefully stropped my hunting knife and could shave the hair on my arm. This strop will be a great addition to the polishing stone I purchased from the Burrfection store.

Scienceofsharp, effects of various blade sharpening and stropping techniques, mostly on straight razors, shown by electron microscope. Depending on how you like to work and what edges you are honing, there are options to fit your needs, including bench mounted and hand held strops. In the case of our popular and versatile Paddle Strops, one side is smooth and the other suede, giving both options in one. The nap of the suede holds onto compound well allowing the strop to be loaded easily.

After watching Ryky’s videos, I felt pretty comfortable doing it for my first time, just taking it now and slow. They can be used with or without stropping compound, and will give your knives and razors an amazing edge. Strops are frequently used with honing compounds, the extremely fine abrasives that give a mirror polish to an edge.



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